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Witchbane: Hunters
Short Film  25 min
A group of modern day witch hunters track down those corrupted by their power as they search for their newest recruit.

Made in collaboration with Three Quarters Film.

Official Selection at the Snake Alley Festival of Film in Burlington, Iowa.

On the Sale of Swords
Short Film  10 mins
A sellsword is hired as a guard transporting an arrogant prisoner, but his partner, a cruel knight, doesn't value his sword as much as the bard does.

Official Selection at FilmQuest in Salt Lake City, 2014.

Short Film  4 mins
A wandering spirit, upset with the world, forces a small town to go without electricity for one day and what he sees restores his faith in humaity.

Winner of the Audience Choice Award at the 4th Annual TXU Energy Light Up the Red Carpet at the Dallas International Film Festival.


From the Dust
In the near future, a biological virus is released at the height of a World War. The population of the Earth was crippled in a matter of weeks. Now the few who are left, struggle to survive.

Made in collaboration with Blue Atom.

Short Films  6:30 min
Two friends, down on their luck, decide to rob a bowling alley. However, the employee working there is less than impressed by their sad attempts at robbery.

Made in collaboration with Three Quarters Film.

Winner of the 1st Annual B&B Theaters Student Film fest and Official Selection of the 2012 Downtown Tyler Film Festival.

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