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Color Reel 2014
On the Sale of Swords

A sellsword is hired as a guard transporting an arrogant prisoner, but his partner, a cruel knight, doesn't value his sword as much as the bard does.


A wandering spirit, upset with the world, forces a small town to go without electricity for one day and what he sees restores his faith in humanity.

Witchbane: Hunters

"Marcus' life has hit a dead end. His life drastically changes when he gets on the wrong side of a loan shark who has unexplainable powers. But help arrives in the form of Alex, Kate, and Nox, a ragtag group of modern day witch hunters who need Marcus' help against the forces that conspire against them."

The song featured in this trailer is "Snake Eyes" by Feint ft. CoMa, and it can be purchased here:



Two friends, down on their luck, decide to rob a bowling alley. However, the employee working there is less than impressed by their sad attempts at robbery.

From the Dust

In the near future, a biological virus is released at the height of a World War. The population of the Earth was crippled in a matter of weeks. Now the few who are left, struggle to survive. John Shepard has been traveling on his own for months now, but all that is about to change.

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